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Craig Bostick Music

About Me 

I am passionate about helping guitar students improve their guitar technique, listening skills, and understanding of music.


I remember what it is like to struggle with learning songs or playing guitar solos.


Growing up North Louisiana, I listening to rock, country, blues, gospel, pop, and anything that came on the radio. I started playing guitar by ear when I was 14, but I was also fascinated with scales, chords and other music theory concepts.


I discovered that you learn songs faster with more confidence if you understand how a song is put together.


You should learn how to play a song, and also why it works (music theory). This knowledge will help you develop as a musician. I believe ear training plus music theory is the combination you need to improve your musicianship.


Music has brought me so much joy and opportunity and I feel blessed to be able to teach and play!






Hallsville, Texas

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