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Hallsville, Texas

Welcome to the home of Craig Bostick on the internet. You'll find info about guitar lessons, recording studio projects and much more.

Play guitar TODAY!

Are you a beginner and need a lesson plan?

Have you been playing for years and only know bits and pieces of your favorite songs?

Are you frustrated by sheet music, music theory and inaccurate "tabs" on the internet?

You have come to the right place! Craig has been teaching for over 20 years and he can help you become a better musician.

Playing music is SO MUCH MORE than learning bits of songs and tricks. You will learn the fundamentals of music theory, written music, the art of improvisation and playing by ear.

 Click HERE for more info about lessons!

The Rock Shop is Craig's personal recording studio. Craig has recorded demos and projects for various artists. He's also produced original music for Duck Commander of the A&E Show "Duck Dynasty"! Click HERE to hear some examples!


Craig Bostick's YouTube channel!

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